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Calendars are one of the most popular types of printing products as well as the most multi-purpose gift and effective marketing tool.

You have to spent your money for a calendar one time and then  you can stay close to your customers or business partners for a whole year. Also, this way helps to advertise your company.

The most common types of calendars:

  •     table and wall calendars;
  •     quarterly calendars;
  •     house advent calendars ;
  •     cube calendars.

Traditionally, the calendars are printed on paper or cardboard but modern technologies allow to make your calendar of any material: wood, plastic, glass, acrylic or leather. It depends on design and concept of the calendar.

How to make an ingenious calendar:

  •     creative design: antique-style calendar, eternal calendar with dates and months in the form of stickers, a calendar with perforation, the one with possibility of squeezing the last date, calendars with stereo effect;
  •     choose a non-standard shape: a circle or a triangle, accordion calendar, the calendar of a separate components or calendar-transformer;
  •     add functionality: mounted clockwork thermometer or compass.

Today, our portfolio includes a lot of unusual ideas for printed materials and souvenirs, which allows us to guarantee the following: to order our calendar you can be sure that you will attract the attention of your customers, have a consistent corporate style and illustrate the positive image of your company.

Regardless of the size and form of the calendar, it will be an enjoyable and functional advertising tool.

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